How to Analyze and Invest in Funds
People hail 'passive income' as hands off money. Not a chance. Most assets require a little to a lot of work. 
BUT for truly passive cashflow, like 100% hands-off and 0 time spent (other than due diligence), you need a different method. Here’s one we use… learn to find and invest in public and private market funds as deals. 

We wrote a playbook on how to find and analyze funds to know what to invest in and how to manage return. Just enter in your info and your purchase is available immediately!
He Replaced His Income by Investing In Funds...Here's How You Can Too
Our friend Hans Box, investor and fund expert, replaced his income by learning how to invest in good funds. He's a specialist in real estate funds, but teaches you through this playbook, how to find and analyze multiple types of private or public funds to add to your portfolio.

Where To Find Private and Public Funds

Knowing what you want in a fund and your risk tolerance is step one. This playbook will show you how to find private and public funds to invest in.

Due Diligence Checklists & How to Analyze Fund Proformas

This playbook goes over how to read a proforma, what to look for, and provides other fund diligence checklists so you feel comfortable in where you're putting your money.

An In Depth Breakdown of Need-to-Know Terminology

Know how to read financial statements of funds by an in-depth teaching of popular fund terminology.

Checklists, Editable ROI Templates and Example Fee Schedules

See how much your return will actually be considering different types of fee structures, management fees, and more.


  • BONUS 1: $299 Value, FREE
A bonus EXCLUSIVE interview with fund expert and investor, Hans Box, on exactly what he looks for and what you should understand when investing in funds.
  • BONUS 2: $299 Value, FREE
If you're on the flip side and are looking to RAISE funds, we have a BONUS masterclass on "how to get other people to give you money".
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