The #1 Mini-MBA to Your First $100k In Passive Income
With Contrarian Cashflow, we're helping you stop trading time for money and replace your 9-5 income with cashflowing passive income.
Do you ever feel like...
You're stuck in an endless 9-5
You're trading time for money
You can't seem to get ahead financially
You're lost on where to start
If the answer to any of these is yes...keep reading
Your money is tied to your time and it’s a terrible trade. Even when you’re wealthy or have a high net worth, getting passive income and cashflow is still hard. Except it doesn’t have to be. We solve that problem by focusing on two things here inside Contrarian Cashflow:
-> Buying, not building, cashflowing assets
-> Separating your time from your income

The average millionaire has 7-12 streams of income. The days of only having 1 means of income is over. You need strong cashflow to help you separate your time from your money.

Our promise: Within 12 months, if you follow our strategies, engage in the group and take the NEEDED ACTION, you will double or triple your passive income streams, and replace your earnings with investment income.

And you don't need 100's of K's to start. We have strategies for cashflow for you whether you have $0 or $1m.
And right now, you can join Cashflow with some great bonuses!

But First, Who Am I?

Hey, I'm Codie Sanchez...

And I've built an 8-figure portfolio of business acquitisions and cashflowing assets that allows me to work on whatever I want, wherever I want...whenever I want.

See, being an owner and learning to stop trading time for money is the key to freedom of time, finances, and mind.

There's never been a better time to start adding more income streams. It's become a necessity. And Cashflow is the financial education I wish I had when I was starting my journey. We invite you to learn with us!
Could you imagine...
In the next 90 days, you've made a plan on how to replace your 9-5 income because you now know exactly where you stand financially. You've learned where to find, vet and execute on deals in 15+ different industries. You chosen a topic you want to dive deep on...and you've successfully added a new passive income stream to your portfolio and gotten THIS much closer to full financial freedom...and time freedom.
This is the financial education you SHOULD have received...but didn't

Notes from Authorities:

"If you aren't a part of Cashflow yet, take the leap. It's absolutely where I go for how to invest to get cashflow and income."
Sam Parr - Founder of The Hustle
"The ideas Codie bring are the real deal. If you want to buy a business or invest, this is the place to be. Period."
Nick Huber - Founder of Sweaty Startup
"Boring Business content is my new favorite niche.
What Codie is doing with teaching people business buying and contrarian thinking is going to help a lot of people."
Sahil Bloom - Investor, Entrepreneur, Creator
"Codie is the person I call when I am looking where to invest next. If you want to grow your wealth you're in the right place."
Mike Dillard - Entrepreneur, Founder, Crypto Expert

Notes from Our members:

At 90 Days You Will...
Have been given a clear path
  •  Add a new passive income stream and diversify your portfolio
  •  Made the connections and learned the skills you need to reach financial freedom
  •  Do you first acquisition using 'other peoples' money'
  • ​Added 5 figures in negotiated salary or revenue share deals 
  • ​Choosing the industry that interests you and learn to do deals inside it

What Is Included In Cashflow?

  • Playbooks on 15+ different industries: how to find, vet, and finance deals
  • Financial resources: editable templates, spreadsheets & frameworks that allow you to know exactly where you stand financially and develop an investing thesis
  • Dozens of exclusive interviews: all stored in a vault that you can binge watch whenever. Think of it as a mini-Netflix for aspiring biz owners
  • New calls held weekly: where you can ask questions and learn from peers and industry experts
  • An action-taking group: of peers in a private Circle membership where you can share ideas, support, and accountability
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