Cashflow On Carwashes!
Grab your how-to guide on finding, buying, and owning a car wash to add this passive income asset to your portfolio! Just enter your information and it's available immediately.
She Made $7k Per Month On Her Car Wash...Now You Can Too
Car washes are one of our favorite assets. There are HUNDREDS for sale today that done right… you can buy, run with either an operator or with little labor, add some upgrades, and add 4-5 figures in income each month as Hannah did.

Where To Find Car Wash Deals

Sites, forums, and THIS secret car wash deal-finding tactic that's exactly how Hannah found her first wash.

Due Diligence & Financial Checklists

The hardest part, we give you a checklist of due diligence items you need to review the deal, as well as editable financial templates for review and car wash cashflow projections. This part is critical, mistakes can be extremely costly so you have to DYODD, and we give tools to help you!

The Tricks to Picking The Best Locations

Location MATTERS. We'll break down the do's and dont's of choosing the car wash with the best location according to statistics.

Value Ads to Your Wash

Want to make your wash even better? We break down a list of ways you can add more cash flow to your wash, and easy improvements you can make to increase margins.
  • BONUS 1: $299 Value, FREE
A bonus EXCLUSIVE interview with Hannah, on how at 22, she bought her first car wash with this simple financing negotiation tactic.
  • BONUS 2: $299 Value, FREE
A bonus LIVE Q&A session with a panel of car wash owners where we go over basic questions, do's, dont's and best practices for your wash. 
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